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The Right Dating Site Features Can Help

Online dating is easy enough when there’s a dating site with great features Finding a really great dating site that has a ton of great features makes it so much easier to connect with people and have a good time dating.  If it’s a free dating site, that makes it even better.  Luckily for all [...]

What’s Your Idea Of A Crazy Date?

The dating site OKCupid has recently come out with yet another interesting and intriguing tech-savvy dating tool that is said to help those pressed for time singles. This app is called Crazy Blind Date and is set up to help singles meet other singles looking to go on a date right now without knowing anything [...]

It’s OK To Be Picky

Not all of us know exactly what we want when we start dating online. This mean that finding the right dating site can be a little overwhelming. The world is made up of many different people who can all be picky in their own ways. Some don’t like cooked carrots, some want their date to [...]

Giving It A Chance

If you are single and looking to start seriously dating or even just for fun – it’s time to give online dating a chance. When it comes to logging into Passionsearch.com or other online dating sites, we are taking a chance. We are putting or heart on the line and opening ourselves up to what [...]

Is It Easier To Find Love Online After The Holidays?

Online Dating is proven to spike after the holidays – all the stats we have come across points to a definite Yes! It may be because your single status is the annual discussion around the dinner table over the holidays with family and friends or even worse, the pressure to find that special someone to kiss [...]

Finding Our Way Through Online Dating

Despite having lots of experience, we are still finding our way through online dating. Despite all the start-ups and online dating companies, not to mention all those millions socializing across cyberspace – none of us really know all that much about the web and how all this stuff really works. Sure, we might understand a [...]

Where Have All The Singles Gone?

To the net, to the net all us singles shout. Like the very best basketball players we singles run to the net now in our dating. Being quick to log-on, chat, email and look for dates I was an early lay-up man well before even a lot of my friends were online. And since I [...]

Proper Match

The proper dating site can bring you a passionate match. I am speaking to you here from experience, so I beg of you to trust my words. I am only trying to use my own past mistakes to help you out if you are seeking your romantic match and having a little bit of trouble [...]

Take A Chance On Love

“Online dating always had this stigma labeled to it that worried me. But after countless blind dates and meeting wrong guys at the bar every weekend I decided to give it shot. I mean, what did I have to lose? I’ve heard a few horror stories, but I’ve also heard of people finding their soulmates [...]

This Is The Place!

When a person is ready to start looking for a serious relationship, finding the right online dating site is the key to success. I was so excited to open my account on passionsearch.com.  I knew deep down inside that I was on my way to my future.  I was ready to get into a serious [...]

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